The Portable, Personal Air Purifier

The Portable, Personal Air Purifier

The Portable, Personal Air Purifier - the LUFT Duo - Launches Worldwide at CES 2021

TAOYAN CITY, Taiwan--(Business Wire)--The first ever portable and filterless air purifier, the LUFT Duo, will make its worldwide debut at CES 2021 after smashing its crowd-funding goals and raising more than 20 times its original target on Indiegogo.

Developed by Taiwanese consumer electronics brand LUFTQI, the LUFT Duo uses UVA LED and photocatalytic tech to zap dust, pollen, mold, and pathogens down to the molecule.

The clever, eco-friendly design of the LUFT Duo means it creates zero unnecessary waste with a replaceable, washable filter, and produces no ozone as it purifies.

It’s portable and compact design means the LUFT Duo can be used in cars, coffee shops, offices, or airplanes, making it the perfect personal travel companion for those who suffer from asthma or allergies and may be more at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LUFTQI designed the LUFT Duo to be twice as powerful, but half as noisy as its predecessors. Its Night Mode setting enables a darker light of 0.2 lumens and quieter running sound of just 19 decibels so as not to disturb you while you sleep. It is also capable of purifying air in a 240-square foot space.

Building on their brand slogan of “Good air, anytime and anywhere”, the LUFT Duo stays true to the company’s small-but-powerful product design trend while bringing a sense of security to all.

The LUFT Duo is currently in mass production, and has already sold 20,000 units across Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. The device plus accessories is also available for purchase in the US and UK for $149 through its IndieGoGo page.


LUFTQI is an award-winning Taiwanese electronics company with subsidiaries in the United States. The company’s first Indiegogo campaign — the LUFT QI 1.0 — launched in 2018 and introduced innovative photocatalyst purification technology to the world. The brand’s second Indiegogo campaign product, the LUFT Cube 2.0, launched in 2020. LUFTQI uses nanotechnology to save energy, reduce purifier noise, and eliminate toxic gases and odours.

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