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25% improvement in cleaning effect
Noise drop: reduced to 25 dB, comfortable operation (internal cotton swabs can be wiped, super finishing)
Washable antibacterial metal mesh: rinse is clean
TypeC makes plugging more peace of mind

The product's center of gravity is reduced, and the placement is more stabl

Air pollution against the environment

Grab-N-Go portability

Mini size / light weight / USB powered

Allergen elimination

Eliminate toxic gases/mold, bacteria, viruses/odors

Filterless nanoreactor

No filter / energy saving / low noise


Ultraviolet LED


Long-life UV LED lamps ensure perfect photolysis

Patented nanophotocatalytic technology


Patented nanoreactors destroy toxic chemical gases, molds, bacteria, allergens and unpleasant smells



Existing aerodynamic technology for superior purification

360.Air Intake


Luft Qi absorbs ambient air and pollutants from all angles

Magnetic suspension motor fan


As quiet as rustling, below 30dB for 40,000 hours (4.5 years)!


Luft Cube's patented photocatalyst purification technology

Decompose organic gases and taste | Organic gas glue

Luft Cube uses UV LED to excite patented stereo photocatalyst, using semiconductor electrons and holes to rapidly transfer, generating hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions on the surface of photocatalyst, and organic carcinogenic gases (such as formaldehyde, toluene) in the air. With the taste molecule, the molecular chain is broken and becomes (mole) harmless CO2 and H2O.

The organic gas glue in the PM2.5, the organic matter in the cigarette smoke, and the odor around the life are "decomposed"!

Luft Cube's patented photocatalyst purification technology | Destroy mold, bacteria, pollen | Biogas adhesive

Innovative "destruction" of PM2.5-bio-gas gel purification ability

UV LEDs allow the photocatalyst to generate surface energy, constantly producing an "electron-hole" pair that only survives for 10-9 seconds at a time, using energy to "destroy" the cell walls of mold, fungi, bacteria, and pollen, causing toxicity or killing. Dead bacteria.

When the concentration of such biogas glue in the air decreases and the total amount of air allergens is reduced, it is not easy to induce the immune system response.

The "bio-gas gel" in the PM2.5 is often "destroyed" by the energy of the photocatalyst!

Patented Photocatalyst Purification Technology: Destruction Mode | Decomposition of Organic Gases and Tastes | Biogas Glue

Luft Cube purification principle

The secret of Luft Cube 10-9 seconds: OH- and O3- are continuously present on the surface of photocatalyst, which decomposes and destroys harmful substances in the air.

Common allergens in life, such as formaldehyde (decoration, paint, etc.), mold, bacteria, organic gas glue and bio-gas glue in PM2.5, even odor, are easily broken down in seconds, second damage. Of course, there is no need to worry about the secondary pollution of the filter.

24 hours of uninterrupted decomposition and destruction of harmful substances in the air, it is not easy to induce allergic reactions.

Filter-type cleaner, four things to note:

Allergic irritants that are more difficult to treat than PM 2.5 are irritating to mucous membranes such as the trachea and eyes. Most manufacturers send the test to a new machine with an activated carbon filter to absorb ozone, so that the ozone is reduced to a safe value, but in fact the amount of ozone will increase with the aging of the machine, the activated carbon adsorption capacity will be invalid for about half a year. If you do not replace the filter, you will be allowed to disperse the ozone. People with sensitive homes should pay special attention. # Especially in automotive environments where air is relatively non-circulating, it is not recommended

In addition, in order to avoid the motor noise generated by the CADR, some manufacturers choose to increase the adsorption force by increasing the high-voltage power, which will also increase the amount of ozone generated.

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Good air


Anytime X everywhere, life is excellent

Exclusive Cube hood


Good air feels

3W power consumption, no built-in battery


24 hours of use super peace of mind

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