Luft Qi
The Smallest, Filterless Air Purifier
The first compact air purifier using nanotechnology to
destroy mold, airborne bacteria, virus, bad odors, and toxic chemicals.
Yes, filter, free!
Your Personal
Air Guardian
Grab-N-Go Portability
Soda Can Size / Light Weight / USB Powered
Allergens Elimination
Destroy Toxic Gases / Mold, Bacteria, Virus / Odor
Filter-Free Nano-Reactor
No Filters Needed / Energy Efficient / Low Noise
Clean Your Office Cubicle
Always sneezing and feeling tired, dizziness, or fatigue in the office?
You are not alone!
Studies show that poor indoor quality can cause difficulty in concentration and lower productivity.
Let Luft Qi kills mold, bacteria and virus, and removes VOCs in your cubicle.
USB charging and the compact size makes it a perfect fit in workspace.
You Deserve Better Sleeping
Luft Qi doesn't need a powerful motor, it is extremely quiet.
With the noise of only 25 dB, which is between rustling leaves (20dB) and whisper (30dB), Luft Qi is perfect to be placed next to your bed, or in the nursery room.

Freshen Up Your Car
Americans spend over 290 hours in car every year, but your car can be one of the most toxic places! The mildew smell from AC is actually fungus and bacteria.
Don't just use air fresheners to cover the smell. Have Luft Qi to remove it!
Bring Fresh Air With You
Anytime, Anywhere!
With its compact size, Luft Qi is easy to carry around and can be placed close to you. Build a bubble of clean air with Luft Qi to protect you all the time.
Simple & Stylish
Not only an air purifier but also your stylish accessory
Patented Nano Photocatalysis Technology
Patented nano-reactor destroys toxic chemical gases, mold, bacteria, allergens, and bad odor
Maglev Motor Fan
As quiet as rustling leaves, less than 30dB, and last 40,000 hours (4.5 years)!
State of art aerodynamics makes superior purification effect
Long life time UV LED light ensures perfect photolysis reaction
360。Air Intake
Luft Qi takes in the surrounding air and pollutants from every angle
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