Q1. Coverage Area for Luft Qi
Recommend coverage within 16 m2 or 177 ft2. Luft Qi designs for accompanying your breathing surrounding, such as putting Luft Qi on office desk, on bedroom cabinet and in the car. Try Luft Qi to purify air for your instant breath.
Q2. How does Luft Qi work for car
You know the new car smell is toxic organic chemical vapor which will be absorbed by human body and impossible to wash out. However, new passenger car smell could be destroyed by Luft Qi within approx. 2~3 days. Hope you don't miss new car smell.

Do you feel dizzy sometimes while driving longer time in the car? Yes, there are various fungus, mold, and organic chemical vapor in normal condition, and these make you dizzy. Try Luft Qi to decompose and break those bad materials. Return fresh air and safety to you!

Q3. How effective Luft Qi to new decoration rooms in which human feels headache
According to study, what cause us headache is Formaldehyde coming from new painting and move-in furniture. Luft Qi is highly suggested to use continuously and help to decompose Formaldehyde into H2O & CO2 vapors. Not only no more smell cause you headache, but you get back health then.
Q4. Does Luft Qi build in battery inside? How to turn on Luft Qi
No battery is built in Luft Qi. Luft Qi turns on simply plug cable into Type A USB hole which could be Power Band, Laptop, Desktop, Adaptor, or USB Type A in aircraft and car. Just plug and play!
Q5. What estimate life time of Luft Qi
No more changing filters and consumables while having Luft Qi. Luft Qi adopts Taiwan's leading Brushless DC Fans, same as Server application, and lifetime guarantee 40K hours. As for LEDs produced from Taiwan, Luft Qi operates it under 50% of max. rating. 40K hours lifetime guarantee on LED also.
Q6. Supposed tailor-made Luft Qi as special gift, possible to product?
Yes, high welcome but kindly wait for fulfillment on Indiegogo campaign. For sure, Luft Qi make either UV Direct Printing on body or Laser Carving character on Al Ring.
Q7. How to makes Luft Qi so many color to choose
As shown, there are 5 different combination of ABS Luft Qi and one Real Wood Luft Qi. High quality molding process is selected making super bright body, and High quality Aluminum anodizing is selected making metal ring & top cover. Hold on Quality makes Luft Qi so unique.
Q8. How working Luft Qi improve indoor air quality
PM2.5 is the issue outdoor, not indoor. Accoring to research, three key influence factors are: Carbon Dioxide, Formaldehyde and Mold. However, we design Luft Qi to destory Formaldehyde(organic chemical vapors) and break Molds and we highly recommend Luft Qi to be operated 24 hours a day continuous, and put Luft Qi as close to you as possible, to bring high quality air to your breathe. For more experiments, please refer to ….
Q9. What are differences between Luft Qi and filter-based air cleaner
Luft Qi is the only smallest and compact air purifier which adopts latest UV technology activating Photocatalyst. Beside technology differences, Luft Qi can do that others can't: 1) HEPA Filter-base: 200 USD cost ownership by replacing filters a year, can't destroy vapor organic compounds but only trap bacteria, mold and virus.
Q10. Why Luft Qi emphasize no filter?
Yes,Luft Qi was design for no filter on purpose. We consider a personal air purifier, like Luft Qi, to care for high quality air for instant breathe. Therefore, Luft Qi is build to accompany you and the air to breathe. Luft Qi focus on story organic chemical vapors, mold, bacteria, virus and odors.
Q11. How to maintain Luft Qi?
Simply wape away dust and dirt on body and metal mesh after longer operation. Just it.
Q12. Where can I see more demonstration of Luft Qi and Titus&Wayne company?
Yes!Please refer to below links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_Q3WqY5Zg8
Q13. Where Luft Qi team comes from
Luft Qi is a product name under brand called "Titus&Wayne". The star-up company, Coactive Innovation Ltd., established in 2016, located in Taiwan. Also, Luft Qi is 100% Made-In-Taiwan.
Q14. What is the frequency of air circulation
Normal passenger car, Luft Qi makes air circulation 2.5 times hourly. The room with area of 16 m2 or 177 ft2, Luft Qi makes air circulation 8 times daily. CADR~10+/-1-% and CFM ~5.8.
Q15. Great that Luft Qi needs no filter But how Luft Qi deals with PM2.5
The so-call PM2.5(or PM10) contains three elements: inorganic parts(like sand), Organic Aerosol and Bioaerosol. Luft Qi is perfectly designed to decompose Organic Aerosol(such as Formaldehyde, -SH or -NH3 Chemical bondage ) and Bioaerosol (such as bacteria, virus, mold, fungus) which we make video demonstration, certification, and experiments. Luft Qi settles most harmful substances already. As for Inorganic parts(such as sand), it drops from air to the ground by 60% rate per hour. Therefore, Luft Qi consider to leave inorganic parts to vacuum cleaner, like Dyson. Don't spend money on changing filters to those falling inorganic parts which sooner or later be cleaned by vacuum cleaner.
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